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Travel Stock Photography and World Wide Tourism and Stock Photo Travel Images, featuring Latin America, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Portugal, Chicago, Turkey, Africa and Asia, the United States plus Underwater Marine Life from the Odyssey Stock Photo Agency

Welcome to our stock photography website with world wide tourism and travel stock photo images from the Odyssey Stock Photo Agency. The Odyssey library features extensive and in-depth image collections of landscape, agriculture, cities, architecture, historic landmarks, monuments, tourism resorts and travel destinations. In particular Odyssey has major picture collections highlighting Latin America with images of Mexico and Mexico City, the Yucatan and Prehispanic Mayan archaeological sites like Chichen Itza and Tulum; and extensive stock photos from Central America and South America featuring: Peru and Machu Picchu; Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Dominican Republic. Odyssey also has some of the largest travel image collections of Spain and Spanish festivals, Portugal and Turkey. Plus stock photography of traditional cultures in Africa and Asia including Egypt, Morocco, India and Sri Lanka, Thailand and China, etc. Plus pictures of Pre-Columbian cultures like the Aztec, Inca, Olmec, Maya, Chimu, and Greek and Roman, Byzantine, Moorish and Ottoman monuments. Also extensive stock photos of Chicago and landscapes in the United States, plus Underwater and Marine Life including images of fish and coral reef environments. For a more extensive description of the stock photography and travel pictures featured in our Major Image Collections see the subjects listed below. To view a selection of Odyssey's stock photos and travel images visit our Sample Portfolio or do a search of our entire stock photography library by entering your search terms into Image Search.

IMAGE GALLERIES: These Galleries offer a snapshot of the stock photography images available to you at Odyssey. See All Galleries for an overview of the various subjects represented by our stock photography or click on any one subject to view a lightbox of stock photos and travel images illustrating that particular subject.

  • THE ADVENTURE TRAVEL IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of travel on African Safari, observing mountain gorillas in Rawanda or Giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador; plus travel images and stock photos of eco-tourists treking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and hiking through Amazon jungles.
  • THE AFRICA IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of African wildlife in the game parks of Tanzania and Kenya; travel images of indigenous, tribal cultures like the Maasai, Swahili, Mbuti Pygmies of Zaire, Bafut of Cameroon and Zulu of South Africa. Plus stock photos and travel images of Morocco, African markets and crafts.
  • THE AGRICULTURE IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of farming, farms and farm workers; rice terraces throughout Asia; travel images of vineyards in California, Spain, Italy and Portugal; harvesting coffee and tea on plantations around the world; cattle and sheep, plus stock photo travel images of sugarcane, corn and wheat.
  • THE ANCIENT MONUMENTS IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of Mayan pyramids in Mesoamerica like Tulum and Chichen Itza; and Pre-Columbian, Incan sites like Machu Picchu in Peru; also travel images of historic Angkor Wat in Cambodia and stock photos of Greek and Roman architecture; the Pyramids of Egypt and Great Wall of China.
  • THE ASIA IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of Asian landscape, agriculture and historic monuments from the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to Zen Gardens in Japan; plus travel images of India and Sri Lanka; stock photos of cultures from tribal festivals in Papua New Guinea to Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  • THE CARIBBEAN IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography
  • of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Old San Juan, El Yunque rainforest; Panama and San Blas Islands and Kuna Indians; Costa Maya and La Ruta Maya on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan in Mexico; beach resorts, tourist hotels, tourism destinations stock photo travel images. Underwater and Marine Life.
  • THE CENTRAL AMERICA IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography
  • of Guatemala and Maya culture and Mayan pyramids of Tikal and Copan. Mayan festivals like Semana Santa in Antigua; stock photo travel images of rainforests and nature reserves in Costa Rica; coffee bean plantations in Guatemala; the Panama Canal and Kuna Indians in San Blas Islands.
  • THE CHICAGO IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography
  • of the Chicago Skyline, Millennium Park and Bean Sculpture; travel stock photo images of the Chicago Art Institute, the Loop, Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile; historic landmarks and monuments; parks, museums, festivals and ethnic neighborhoods, Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.
  • THE CHINA AND JAPAN IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography
  • of landscapes and agriculture with terraced rice fields and harvesting rice; the Great Wall of China and historic architecture, landmarks and monuments; Bejing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, traditional costumes, festivals, lifestyle; stock photo travel images of Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.
  • THE EDUCATION IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography
  • of students and classrooms in primary schools, high schools, university and adult education. Rural classrooms in poor countries in Latin America, Africa, India and Asia. Stock photos of Muslim schools and madrasas; female education. Travel images of traditional learning in tribal cultures.
  • THE CULTURAL ADORNMENT IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of personal decoration, ornamentation, body painting, face makeup, scarification, traditional costumes, jewelry; dance masks, headdresses, Mexican festivals and Papua New Guinea Sing Sing; Venice Carnival; stock photo travel images of Indian Gangaur Festival, Rajasthan, India.
  • THE EGYPT IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography
  • of Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo skyline, Ibn Tulum Islamic mosque; Egyptian museum, artifacts; King Tut's tomb, Tutankhamun mummy. Stock photo travel images of Nile River; Thebes; Luxor, Karnak, Temple of Amun; Valley of the Kings, tomb paintings; Abu Simbel Temple of Ramses.
  • THE EUROPE IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of Rome, Venice and Florence in Italy, Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Segovia, Seville and Granada in Spain, Lisbon and Porto in Portugal, Paris, France, Athens, Greece; Vienna Austria; London, England; Prague, Czech Republic; stock photo travel images European festivals, architecture, culture
  • THE FACE TO FACE IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of portraits world-wide; stock photos and travel images of people in traditional costumes, indigenous and tribel cultures from Africa, Mexico, Peru and South America, Latin America, India, China, Japan, Asia; North America.
  • THE GREECE IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Stock Photos of Greek historic landmarks, monuments at Cape Sounion; tourist resorts at Santorini, Thera, Meteora; Minoan Palace at Knossos on Crete; Theatre of Epidauros; Mycenae travel images; Greek vases, murals, frescoe, sculpture.
  • THE HAWAII IMAGE GALLERY shows stock photography of Hawaiian Islands; travel images of tourists and tourism sites, resorts in Oahu, Mauai; Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon on Island of Kauai; stock photos of Hawaii landscapes, waterfalls, beaches, agriculture, Jodo Buddhist Monastery, lifestyle, surfing, windsurfing, sailing. Underwater Marine Life coral reefs.
  • The India Image Gallery shows stock photography of Taj Mahal, historic Indian architecture, landmarks, monuments, landscapes. Hindu temples and bathing in Ganges River; camel caravan, Jaisalmer, Great Thar Desert; Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Rajasthan; stock photos of Bombay, Mumbai and New Delhi. Gangaur Festival travel images. Kashmir, Ladakh.
  • The Italy Image Gallery shows stock photography of Italian historic architecture, monuments and landmarks in Rome like Piazza Navona, Roman Forum, Coliseum, St. Peter's and Vatican; Florence, Venice, the Grand Canal and Basilica San Marco on St. Mark's Square, Sienna; plus stock photo travel images of the Amalfi Drive, Pompeii, Cinque Terre, Paestum.
  • The Marine Life Image Gallery shows stock photography of the underwater, coral reef environment; with fish, sharks, dolphins, marine mammals; clownfish in anemones; sea lions, seals, sea turtles, penguins; plus stock photos and travel images of a whale shark and humpback whales, scuba diving and scuba divers, tropical tourist resorts and tourism.
  • The Markets and Crafts Image Gallery shows stock photography of traditional and indignous markets in South America like Pisac, Cuzco and Chinchero markets in Peru; Otavalo produce and craft market in Ecuado; and the Mayan market in Chichicastenango in Guatemala; plus stock photos and travel images of markets and crafts in India, Asia and Africa.
  • The Mayan Image Gallery shows stock photography of the Maya and historic, Prehispanic Mayan pyramids, temples, architecture and archaeological sites in the Yucatan in Mexico; stock photos of Tulum on Riviera Maya; Chichen-Itza, Uxmal, Palenque on the Ruta Maya; Copan, Honduras; travel images of Tikal in Guatemala. Mayan culture, markets.
  • The Mexico Festivals Image Gallery shows stock photography of Mexican Fiestas like Our Lady of Guadalupe; the Days of the Dead or El Dia de los Muertos; Holy Week or Semana Santa; Fiesta de Enero; stock photos of the Guelaguetza with traditional folkdances and costumes; Epiphany or Day of the Three Kings; Christmas and bullfight travel images.
  • The Mexico Image Gallery shows stock photography of Mexican culture, landscape, historic monuments and colonial architecture; Mexico city landmarks, Zocalo, Cathedral; tourism beach resorts; agriculture, indian markets; stock photos of Teotihuacan pyramids; San Miguel de Allende, Oaxaca, Taxco, Guanajuato, Patzcuaro, Cuernavaca travel images.
  • The Mexican Landscapes Image Gallery shows stock photography of Mexican landscapes, volcanoes like Popocatepetl and Pico de Orizaba; agriculture, corn, agave, fishing; rainforests, waterfalls, jungles in Chiapas; Copper Canyon; plus stock photos of Baja California, Cardon cactus, desert, cenotes in Yucatan; Usumacinta River in Chiapas travel images.
  • The Peru Image Gallery shows stock photography of Peruvian culture, lifestyle, Lima, Trujillo; stock photos of historic Incan architecture in Cuzco, Machu Picchu, treking on the Inca Trail, Cuzco train; Quechua Indian markets in Pisac and Chinchero; Pre-Columbian gold museum; Chimu, Chan Chan; Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands and totora boats travel images.
  • The Portugal Image Gallery shows stock photography of Lisbon and historic Monument to the Discoveries; Jeronimos Monastery; Torre de Belem; Sintra and Pena Palace; Coimbra Univrsity; Porto and Port Wine vineyards on Douro River; Tomar, Batalha, fishing boats; Portuguese travel images, Lagos, Sagres, Cape St Vincent, Algarve Coast stock photos
  • The Pre-Columbian Image Gallery shows stock photography of prehispanic architecture, archaeological sites, pyramids, temples, palaces; mosaics, sculpture, gold jewelry, artifacts; Mayan, Olmec heads, Aztec, Zapotec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Mixtec, Incan, Chimu; stock photos of Machu Picchu and Inca Trail; Chan Chan, Tikal, Tulum, Copan, Bonampak murals; Sacsayhuaman, Tiahuanaco, Paracas textiles, Bonampak, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Palenque, Piedras Negras, Nazca Lines; Cuzco, Monte Alban, Mitla; Lord of Sipan images,
  • The Religions Image Gallery shows stock photography of Christianity with Cathedrals, churches, Easter, Holy Week festival; Islam, Muslim mosques, praying, koranic madrasa pilgrims, monks; Buddha, Buddhism, Buddhist stupas, monasteries; Hinduism, Hindu Gangaur Festival; Ganges River bathing; Jewish synagogue, Wailing Wall stock photo images.
  • The Roman Culture Image Gallery shows stock photography of historic Roman architecture, cities, temples, aqueducts, theaters, baths, mosaics, monuments, landmarks; Parthenon, Coliseum, Roman forum in Rome; Pompeii; Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Turkey; Aprodisias, Aspendos; Aya Sofya; Byzantium; Merida in Spain; stock photo travel images
  • The South America Image Gallery shows stock photography of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Chile; La Paz, Bolivia;Quito, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; Bogota, Colombia; Lima, Cuzco, Peru; Patagonia; agriculture, landmarks, monument, markets, festivals, landmarks, Andes Mountains, Napo River, Amazon; Machu Picchu, Inca Trail; stock photo travel images.
  • The Southwest Image Gallery shows stock photography of Southwestern landscapes; Monument Valley; Canyon de Chelly; Zion, Bryce Canyon; Arches National Park; rafting the Colorado River, Grand Canyon; Spanish colonial architecture, mission churches; Anasazi, Mesa Verde, Taos, indian cultures, Chaco Canyon stock photos; Utah, Arizona, New Mexico.
  • The Spain Image Gallery shows stock photography of Spanish historic monuments in Madrid, Barcelona in Catalonia; Toledo; Segovia in Castile; Moorish architecture in Seville, Great Mosque, Cordoba, Alhambra Palace, Granada, Andalusia; agriculture, festivals, Spring Fair; Semana Santa; Running of the Bulls; Canary, Balearic Islands stock photo images.
  • The Wild Side Image Gallery shows stock photography of wild animals worldwide like; Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda; wildebeest and zebra migrations on the Serengeti Plains in Africa; Grizzly Bears in Alaska; Panda Bears in China; plus travel stock photo images of Bighorn Sheep, Penguins in Antarctic; elephants, lions, rhinos, Galapagos giant tortoise.
  • The Turkey Image Gallery shows stock photography of Istanbul, historic monuments, Byzantine, Islamic architecture, Aya Sofya and Blue Mosque; whirling dervishes; Roman ruins at Ephesus; stock photos, Pamukalle, Cappadocia, Didyma, Lake Van, Nemrut Dagi, Perge, Pergamum, Troy, Aphrodisias, Aspendos, Turkish landscape, travel images.
  • The United States Image Gallery shows stock photography of American cities like Chicago; New England, Midwestern farms, agriculture; Southwestern landscapes; rafting the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park; historic monuments; Pacific coastline, vineyards in California; stock photos of Spanish colonial missions, Hawaii travel images.
  • The Work and Industry Image Gallery shows stock photography of traditional occupations and crafts; fishing, gold mining, oil industry and natural resources; alternative energy like hydro, thermal, wind and solar energy; stock photos of commerce, international trade, commodity markets; auto assembly lines; electronics, shipping travel images.
  • Landscape stock photos and panoramics of deserts, sand dunes, seacoasts and mountain ranges world wide; adventure travel and eco-tourism destinations in jungles and rainforests; plus travel images of historic monuments and ancient archaeological sites.

    Mexico with stock photography of Mexico City, Colonial Cities like Oaxaca; Mexican landscapes, agriculture and festivals like Days of the Dead; Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal, La Ruta Maya and Riviera Maya in Yucatan; tourists and Mexican tourism resorts; stock photo mages of Baja California, Chiapas, Mexican cuisine and food and much more.

    Central America with stock photography of Costa Rica and its Rain Forests; agriculture, markets and Semana Santa festival in Guatemala; lifestyle in Havana and rural Cuba; Honduras; Panama Canal and San Blas Islands; Puerto Rico and old San Juan; Nicaragua and Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic.

    South America, with stock photography of Peru, Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, Lima, Cuzco and Chan Chan. Buenos Aires and Gauchos in Argentina; Patagonia and Easter Island in Chile; Bogota and Cartegena in Colombia; Quito, Otavalo and Cuenca in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands; Tiahuanaco and La Paz in Bolivia, Uruguay and Rio in Brazil.

    Pre-Columbian and Pre-Hispanic Cultures in Mesoamerica; stock photography images of pyramids, temples and gold artifacts of the Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Zapotec, Toltec, Mixtec, Nazca, Chimu, Moche, Mochica, Teotihuacan and Olmec cultures and famous archaeological sites like Tikal and Chichen Itza.

    Spain with stock photography of Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona and the architecture of Antoni Gaudi; images of the Spanish landscape, monuments and Spanish lifestyle; Spain's festivals like Semana Santa, Las Fallas and Feria de Abril; and tourism resorts in Spain. Plus stock photos of Andalusia and Moorish Architecture in Seville, Cordoba, and the Alhambra Palace in Granada; Spanish castles; the Way of Saint James or Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela.

    Portugal with stock photos of Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and tourism resorts on the Algarve Coast; plus pictures of Portugal's landscape, historic monuments, windmils and images of Portuguese agricultur like the Port Wine vineyards on the Douro River.

    Italy stock photography of Italian Culture and Cities with stock photos of Rome and Vatican City; Venice and St Marks Square; stock photographs of Florence and the Duomo in Tuscany; Roman architecture in Pompeii; greek temples at Paestum; tourism resorts on the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre and Portofino on the Italian Riviera and Assisi, Italian landmarks, historic monuments, architecture and landscape travel images.

    Turkey stock photography with images of the Istanbul skyline and its Byzantine and Ottoman monuments like the Blue Mosque and Aya Sofya; the landscape of Cappadocia, Lake Van in eastern Turkey; plus images of Turkey's historic Greek and Roman sites like Ephesus, Troy, Pammukale, Aspendos, and tourism destinations along the coast of Turkey.

    Traditional Cultures and Religions with stock photos of Islam, Buddhism and Christianity; and stock photography of Africa and its tribal cultures like the Masai, Turkana, Samburu, Rendille, Nuer and Mbuti Pygmy; also stock photography images of historic architecture in Egypt, the Giza Pyramids, Luxor and Karnak; Morocco; Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal in West Africa; Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan, Somailia and Ethiopia in East Africa; Great Zimbabwe, Zaire and South Africa in Southern Africa. Plus stock photo travel images of India and its historic architecture and monuments like the Taj Mahal in Agra; agriculture in Asia like rice terraces and tea plantations in Sri Lanka; plus lifestyle and travel destination stock photography in China and Hong Kong, plus stock photos of Beijing, the Forbidden Palace, the Great Wall of China and Shanghai. Also stock photography of Southeast Asia including Papua New Guinea, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Tibet and Bhutan in Asia. Plus London, England, Paris, France and Latin America. Also stock photos of Aids and its victims, also Aids awareness, education and prevention, World Aids Day, Aids counseling and clinics. Also stock photos of Bali, Indonesia and Balinese culture.

    Roman and Greek Historic Sites, Artifacts, Culture and stock photography of Greek and Roman architecture including temples, palaces, mosaics and aqueducts at sites Rome, Segovia, Paestum, Istanbul, Pergamum, Aspendos, Perge and North Africa. Stock photos of Santorini Thera Greek Tourism destination.

    United States stock photography and images of Canada; with city skylines, lifestyle and industry; plus stock photos of U.S. agriculture like a cattle drive in Texas; a rodeo and midwestern farms; plus images of the famous landscapes of New England and the Southwest; plus monuments and landmarks in Chicago, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

    Chicago and stock photography of Chicago's Skyline; historic architecture, skyscrapers, landmarks and monuments; plus images of Chicago Lifestyle, Pizza and the famous Millennium Park on Chicago's Lake Michigan shoreline and the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue. Plus stock photos of historic sites in Illinois like Springfield, Galena and Cahokia Mounds.

    Underwater Marine Life with extensive stock photography of fish, sharks, humpback whales, anemones and images showing the beautiful color and design found in the complex life that shares the coral reef environment.

    Agriculture Worldwide with stock photo pictures of rural life, farm families, produce markets, farming, plowing with traditional oxen teams; plus stock photography of harvesting corn and planting rice in rice terraces; picking tea and coffee beans on plantations and images of harvesting grapes in vineyards and producing Sherry and Port wine, plus cotton, grain, sugarcane, tobacco, cocoa; herding livestock, shepherds tending sheep, a cattle drive and rodeo.

    Hawaii stock photography, Hawaiian Islands stock photos and travel images of the Islands of Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island, Maui, Molokai and Lanai including landscapes, beaches and rain forests. Stock photographs of the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon on the north shore of the Island of Kauai; pictures of tourism resorts and hotels in Honolulu and Waikiki beach on Oahu; Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii; stock photos of Wailua Falls and Lahaina and the Jodo Buddhist Mission on the Island of Maui; stock photography of the Kalawao Leprosy colony at Kalaupapa on the Island of Molokai. Also stock photos of the underwater marine life of the Hawaiian Islands, coral reefs and humpback whales off Hawaii.