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Portugal Lifestyle Stock Photography Portuguese Culture, Festivals, Arts; Lisbon and Oporto; Travel Stock Photos Tourist Resorts; Rural Life; Fishing Villages; Agriculture, Farming, Harvesting Images

Our stock photo library of images of the Lifestyle of Portugal includes Portuguese culture and festivals; plus the arts and museums in Lisbon; leisure and entertainments including cafes and traditional Fado; and shopping and shopping malls in Lisbon. Plus stock photography of Portugal's tourism destinations, beach and tourist resorts along Portugal's Algarve Coast and stock photos of the landscape of Portugal and traditional rural life in Portugal's hill-towns and fishing villages with stock photographs of traditional fishing boats pulled by oxen teams. We also have travel stock photos of landscape and agriculture in Portugal and markets, windmills, farms, farmland, farming and harvesting olives and stock photography of harvesting and picking grapes in the Port wine vineyards along the Duero River of northern Portugal. Please visit our new Image Galleries to see new additions to our stock photo collections.

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