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Stock Photos of East Africa, stock photography in Kenya and Tanzania game parks; travel images of tourists on photo safari; Christian architecture, the Blue Nile and Timkat Festival in Ethiopia; agriculture in Burundi; Madagascar; Aids prevention, and refugee camps in Somalia,

Our stock photography images of East Africa include stock photos of Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burundi, Madagascar and Somalia. With stock photography of Kenya include the traditional tribal cultures of the Masai tribe and their Moran warriors, traditional dress, jewelry and festivals; plus stock photos of nomadic Masaii lifestyle, families, cows and cattle herding and a Masai village. Our stock photos also show the Turkana nomadic people of Northern Kenya with their livestock; plus stock photographs of a traditional Kikuyu witch doctor or shaman and a tribal council of the Kikuyu people in the Kenyan highlands. The Swahili culture with their arab dhows on historic Lamu Island in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Kenya is also depicted in our travel stock images. The Islamic religion is visible through our stock photography of the Swahili culture showing their Muslim, Koranic schools or madrasa and in the portraits of their veiled women. Odyssey photo has stock photos of East African agriculture including the harvesting, picking and drying of coffee beans and the picking of tea on a tea plantation and the landscape of the Kenyan Highlands. Plus we have photographs of African markets and crafts. Our stock travel images show the historic monuments and architecture of Nairobi with its Parliament House, Kenyatta Center skyline and the Isak Dineson, Karen Blixen home in Karen near Nairobi, where she wrote the novel Out of Africa. We have editorial images of the Olorgesailie prehistoric site in the Rift Valley and stock photography of historic Omani Arab architecture in Mombasa and on Zanzibar Island, where we also see agriculture, produce and markets. Our stock photos of tourism to Africa show adventure travel on an African photo safari; plus tourists hot air ballooning over the landscape of Eastern Africa and wildlife in the wild game parks and nature preserves in Kenya and Tanzania, plus Victoria Falls. We have stock photography of elephant, lion, cheetah, antelope, giraffe, Cape Buffalo and the White Rhinoceros. From Ethiopia we have travel images of the Timkat Festival in Gondar and medieval, Ethiopian Christian, murals in the Dedre Berhan Sellassi Church plus the Blue Nile River and Tissisat Falls. From Burundi we have stock photos showing environmental problems facing Africa like deforestation and solutions like Burundi's Green Movement, that encourages reforestation and tree planting at the village level; plus images of Aids clinics and education and a refugee relief camp in Baidoa, Somalia. From Madagascar we have stock photography of the Rova or Queen's Palace in Antananarivo and the Zoma Market. See all of our other stock photos of Africa including stock photography of Southern Africa and travel images of West Africa. Please visit our new Image Galleries to see new additions to our stock photo collections.

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